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Mr.Glass Laminated and Tempered Automotive Glasses

Excellent quality Automobile Windshields manufactured at Certified Production Facilities

Mr.Glass currently manufactures more than 5000 types of Windshields covering the recently launched vehicle models too and have a wide market network in Middle East and North Africa. Product range include Laminated Front Windshields, Tempered Glass and Tempered glass implanted with heating elements



  • The tempered glass on collision, shatters into pieces shaped like honeycomb which do no harm to human body ensuring the safety of driver and passengers

High Mechanical Strength

  • The impact resistance of tempered glass is 4 to 10 times that of common glass

Quality Standard

  • National standard of GB9656-2003 "Automobile Safety Glass" China 3C, European, Union ECE R43, U.S. DOT
  • For laminated windshields, the PVB films adhere tenaciously to the out-layer glasses, it can resist the penetration during accidental crash. When the glass gets broken by impact force, the broken pieces will be stuck by the tough PVB film, which can prevent the broken pieces from flying and falling on to the passengers

Thermal Stability

  • The tempered glass can bear temperatures ranging from 250? to 320?

MGPU-S10, Poly Urethane Automobile Glass Adhesive

A single component Poly urethane sealant specially formulated for automotive windshield adhesive sealing


  • Jet Black
  • Faster Curing
  • No Primer Required
  • Weather resistance
  • Armored glass applications
  • No Corrosion and pollution to base materials and environment friendly


HG/T4363:2012, ISO/TS16949:2009, ISO 14001:2004

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