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Imports & Exports


Automotive glass repair and installation services

  • Highly experienced fitters and fleet of delivery and service vehicles redefines the Autoglass replacement market
  • Replacement services now available all around Qatar. Newway garage offers guaranteed service and utilize high quality consumables and dedicated tools.
  • The “Mr.Glass Fitters on Wheels” are just a dial away from your door step


Car glasses

  • Importing and re exporting of aminated windscreens and tempered glasses of all makes of cars including luxury cars.

Heavy and Industrial equipment

  • Wide range of industrial equipment glasses like JCB, boomloader etc

Moulding and Rubbers

  • Fine quality windshield moulding and rubbers suitable for all makes and types of vehicles glasses

Adhesives and Silicones

  • All types and ranges of industry standard silicon and poly-urethane tubes and accessory adhesives like mirror glue and adhesive bands

Commercial and heavy vehicles

  • All types of cargo vehicle, light and heavy duty trucks and bus glasses

Genuine OEM Replacement Glasses

  • Reselling of all OEM replacement glasses including windscreen accessories

Autoglass installation tools

  • Glass cutting, removal and replacement hand tools and mechanical tools including blades, cutters, cutting wires, suction holders etc.s


Classic Car Windshields

  • Experienced NW technicians accurately carves out the rare, discontinued and classic car windshields with standard specifications. This type of handcrafting have a 100% success rate on quality and accuracy.

Industrial and Special equipment

  • New Way offers designing, development and procurement of industrial windshields of oil field equipment, watch towers, marine equipment etc.
  • Provide cost effective support in re designing OEM glasses and fabricating with required industry specifications.
  • Have strategic alliance with the leading factories and reduces the lead time on procurement.

Armored Glass

  • NW provide consultancy services for armored glass requirement for security vehicles and war zone vehicles. Glasses are designed, fabricated and tested at certified factories with armored glass specifications